McDonalds Staff in Camden London Fail to help 16 year old robbed of chain

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January the 2nd my Godson was attacked and robbed at the counter in the McDonalds in Camden London UK.

He was about to purchase his food when a young man approached him asking his age and what area he, (my godson), comes from. My Godson said that that information did not concern him.

At this point this youth snatched my godsons chain off of his neck and showed him a knife he had hiding in his rucksack.

NOW!! This happened in a busy store IN FRONT of the service counter in full view of the McDonald’s employees and not one of them called the police even after my distressed Godson asked!!!! He was told to call the police himself!!!!

His attacker ran off and my upset godson realising he had nearly been harmed injured or even killed came home to his mother.

She, being suitably enraged returned the McDonald’s store in Camden and demanded to know why the police had not been called for the robbery which had taken place on McDonalds premises. She was told by the McDonald’s business manager that ‘their policy is to try and diffuse the situation themselves and that it is the customers responsibility to call the police’!!!

The statement made by the McDonald’s business manager is in direct contradiction of the McDonald’s Employee Handbook, where it states on page 10 that Personal Accountability….. “depends on each of us accepting personal responsibility for doing the right thing. We accept the obligation to stop or prevent actions that could harm customers, the System or McDonald’s reputation, and to report any such actions as soon as they occur”..

This incident was one which could have escalated into another ‘tragic death’, and may have been reported by the media as the fifth ‘senseless’ killing of the New Year.

McDonald’s make money from the young people that frequent their stores, but are unable to provide a safe environment or call the police on the free 999 number in response to the robbery and threat of assault on their premises, even though the Standards of Business Conduct employee handbook clearly states that preventing and reporting harm to customers is supposed to be McDonald’s employees personal responsibilty.

Please Do Not Allow Your Children to eat at this establishment as they will see your child being harmed and DO NOTHING to Stop it or even REPORT IT!!!

Public Submission: Celena


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