Michael Wolff says Trump ‘is worse than everybody thought’


The author of an explosive new bestseller that characterizes President Trump as befuddled and incompetent said he did not go into the White House intending to write a hit piece of the commander-in-chief.

“I would have been delighted to write a contrarian account here. Donald Trump, this unexpected president, is actually going to succeed,” Michael Wolff said Sunday during an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “That is not the story. He is not going to succeed. This is worse than everybody thought.”

Asked if he left anything out of “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House” that may have painted a more positive portrait of Trump, Wolff said the book could have been even more critical.

“If I left out anything, it’s probably stuff that was even more damning. It’s that bad,” Wolff said.

“It’s an extraordinary moment in time. The last several days focused on my book I think are proof of that,” Wolff said. “It’s not unreasonable to say this is 25th Amendment kind of stuff. …

The 25th Amendment is alive every day in the White House.”

Wolff was referring to the amendment that allows for the removal of the president if the vice president and a majority of Cabinet members deem him physically or mentally incapable of carrying out the duties of the office.

Trump took to Twitter on Saturday to tout his own brilliance.

“​Actually, throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart,” he wrote on the social messaging site. “I went from VERY successful businessman, to top T.V. Star………to President of the United States (on my first try). I think that would qualify as not smart, but genius….and a very stable genius at that!

Wolff said he had “absolutely no agenda whatsoever” when he approached the White House to record Trump’s first year in office.

“I have no particular politics when it comes to Donald Trump. This is all about human nature,” he said on NBC.

But Wolff also said he wasn’t brought in to be the “court chronicler.”

He said he came to the White House, found a couch and used it to make contact with West Wing aides.

He said he got permission from Trump, which the president denies, and used his consent to interview staffers in the West Wing while trying to blend into the background.

“I tried to be unobtrusive, I tried to have any one not quite notice me or not notice me above the level they noticed the furniture. My goal was to keep going until somebody said go away,” he said.


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