Natalie Carr Artist Biography

I moved to North Carolina when I was eighteen to attend Duke University. Academia was always a huge part of my life and existence. I found a lot of comfort in learning as a kid, and it was (and remains) a dream of mine to develop a platform dedicated to various social issues and causes. Learning the music business, with all of its nuance and politics, has remained one of the most rewarding challenges I’ve been presented with.
I was a really active kid and I dreamt of being an artist for as long as I can remember. I played the guitar and piano, but privately, I wrote and song songs. I had a super expansive interest in music, and would listen to anyone and everyone on my iPod nano for hours upon hours each day. I knew that songwriting was always going to be my safe haven, whether that became a private therapy or a public facet of my life. As a pop/r&b cross-genre artist, I think finding and identifying one ‘sound’ has been the trickiest part of this process. I pull inspiration from artists all over the map, and dream of writing for artists representing all genres.


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