Native World Enterprise” BY: Kena Adams

Indian Voices only reporter covering Native news in the Southern Nevada, Kena Adams, had the opportunity to sit down with Gabriel Yaiva. Gabriel is of the Arrowhead Reed clan of Pinon, Arizona and of the Eagle Clan of 3rd Mesa of Hopi and is of the Dine’ and Hopi Nations. Yaiva has supported Indian Voices since the day we met more than 10 years ago.

This exceptional man is a true advocate for so many in Indian Country. He has visited the Moapa Band of Paiutes reservation more than once, even performing at one of their 4th of July events. He tirelessly fights daily to advocate for healthcare and cultural initiatives throughout Arizona . He travels throughout the Southwest advocating for Native peoples.

This was the reason we got this exclusive interview. Gabriel stopped through Las Vegas on his travels to Salt Lake City, Utah. Besides traveling the country on behalf of his people Yaiva also is a “conscious” hip hop artist.

Through Yaiva’s (Native World Enterprise) music he has opened doors in Indian Country for other young entrepreneurs interested in the music industry, particularly hip hop and pow-wow. Gabriel Yaiva has been bringing conscious hip hop to Indian Country for decades with albums like The Essence, Life, Vision and The Written In Blood Compilation.

Yaiva has 2 new artists (Orion and NK)getting ready to bring a new flavor to the Native hip hop world.

Orion is also from Pinion Arizona and of the Dine’ Nation. This gifted 29-year-old considers himself a “universal rapper;” part pop, club, gangster and conscious. He says it’s God who gave him his music, his drive his strength to open doors in Arizona as a true hip hop artist. Orion can remember when he first started writing. He saw a music video from Bow Wow in 5th grade and thought to himself “I can do this too.” From then on, it’s history, he’s been writing ever since. In ending our conversation, I asked Orion if he could tell the readers one thing what would it be? “Put God First.” “Once you put God first your past becomes bullet proof.” “By putting God first, you learn to appreciate the good and the bad because you know it all comes from HIM.”

Native World Enterprise has also partnered with “NK” aka “Native King.” This single father of 3 is very excited about Yaiva partnering with him and eager to bring his style to light with his dynamic beats of a mix of old school and new school with a Native twist. NK got his start in the hip hop in group with childhood friends called 3Rd Dimensional Beings. NK had a rough beginning, being homeless, selling drugs and even trying to commit suicide. At 22 he decided to convert the pain of life experience into music, his music. “I’m just a regular guy.” NK says the key factor in his life is believing in yourself. These Dine’ artists are founders and true entrepreneurs of hip hop in Navajo Country and all Indian Country alike. Look out for the new single “Footprints.” It can be found on YouTube and other popular music sites.


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