Nick Tabron Producer Biography

Singer-songwriter Nick Tabron began his journey into songwriting and musicianship at just 11 years old. Growing up Jehovah’s Witness in Raleigh, North Carolina, Nick’s family wasn’t supportive of his pursuit of a career in music in fear of what the industry did to one of the religion’s biggest stars: Michael Jackson.

After a fall full of raking leaves and cleaning gutters, Nick finally had enough money to buy his first guitar. He then quickly began teaching himself songs by artists like Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder and the rock band Green Day. While Nick continued to work on his craft, he kept his music-making confined to the bedroom he shared with his little brother.  It wasn’t until the age of 23 that Nick would write and record his first original song “The Prayer,” which was inspired by the true story of a mother with cancer. Though Nick never knew the woman personally, he couldn’t help but feel moved by her story. The song was eventually aired on a Raleigh morning radio show to help raise money for her and her family.

Nick has been inspired to use his music as a form of activism ever since. The visualization of his single “Swing” by film producer Michael Montasouri inspired Nick’s live fundraising event for the American Society for Suicide Prevention, the success of which sent him on a five-city tour shortly after. Nick’s latest single “Exodus” speaks out against online bullying

Instagram: @NickTabron


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