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Ohio Inmates Bust out of Jail By Smashing Window with Folding Table

Some men will do anything for their freedom.

Last Friday, three inmates escaped from the Lorain/Medina Community Based Correctional Facility in Elyria, Ohio, making the seemingly impossible feat look easy. Joshua Natal-Morales, 26, Michael David Kligore, 23, and Reynaldo Rivera Franco, 26, used a table to smash through a window and escape into the night before being caught by law enforcement soon after.

“Basically felony level offenders, who have had the opportunity in other programs to change their lives and have struggled with that. This is kind of a last-ditch opportunity,” stated the correctional facility’s operations director Don Nickerson. Natal-Morales, Kligore, and Rivera wasted their chance at a new start, and now the trio is sitting in the Lorain County jail. They are being charged with felony escape and vandalism.

“Basically we’re looking at the causes leading up to it, we’re also looking at physical plant wise if there’s something that we need to do differently, certainly with the windows, we’ll take a look at that, but more than that, it’s just the motivation by trying to create a situation where this won’t happen again,” stated Nickerson. The facility has launched a private investigation into the escape, and increased security measures are being discussed.


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