We at Soul Central Magazine have a very vast Global Network and Team.
We supply Magazine Campaigns aswell as high end promotion via us or our Affiliates
Anything you require do not Hesitate to contact us ,as we connect dots for most areas in the Industry.

More info below on prices for Magazine Features etc

Magazine Advertisement

Seasonal AD Pricing:

(All Adds that are for 3 Months or Longer Qualify for a Discount)

– Half Page (4.25X11) $150 – £90 (NEGOTIABLE)

– Full Page (8.5X11) $260 – £150 (NEGOTIABLE)

– Cover Feature $800 (Includes 4 full Pages) (NEGOTIABLE)

– Music Review 1 Single/Track $25 – £15
From a Proffesional Publicist

– Music Review 1 Mixtape or Album $50 –
From a Proffesional Publicist

– Company Mention $100 (4.25X8)


Radio Advertisement

Monthly Commercials:

-30 Sec $150

-60 Sec $400

-90 Sec $600

Includes weekly rotation daily, more than 5x a day!

Monthly Artist Spins:

-50 Spins a month $100

-25 Spins a month $50

Monthly Sponsorship Takeover:

-Product Takeover (Call For details)

-Banners/and Email Sponsors $350


All Advertisement opportunities are monthly or seasonal and only based on availability!
We love and welcome all new advertisers, and if you are interested in making a payment,
email us at today!