”She Paints With Her Radiant Words”

Ernest Hemingway said,” There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” Such is the passion of writing. It’s an unquenchable thirst that does not let you lead a dull sordid life. The desire to be a good writer is so addictive that it slowly perches into your soul like a parasite and drains every bit of creative vanity and enigma out of you.

“I am unique the way I write”, says blogger Ekta. M. Kamlani. Furnish her with few hints or give her any topic of your choice and then she will reveal her hues of dexterity as a writer. Ekta loves intricacy in her work. Delving into the depths of articulate details is something that makes her piece different from the rest.

Ekta’s first break as a blogger was in an IT firm where she penned down blogs, articles and press releases. According to her, blogging is a platform where she can put down her random thoughts into flamboyant words. She dreams to surfeit the soul of her readers in such a manner that after reading her works they exclaim -“This is what I wanted, my search ends here. “

To Know More about the Passionate Blogger of India you can visit her page at http://misskamlani.blogspot.in/