The Number One original socalite Paris Hilton looked phenomenal yesterday. It’s hard to imagine that she is 36 years old, how is that even possible? A few years ago during a Wendy Williams interview she said “Forever 21” and I believe her. She looks absolutely incredible.

Do you remember “The Simple Life” the reality show she did with her childhood best friend Nicole Ritchie. The show aired 14 years ago in 2002 when Paris was just 22, where has the time gone. 

Yesterday the fresh faced Paris accepted the award for “Fragrance of the year” for her Gold Rush Scent. Congratulations Paris. 

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The bombshell snapped “Happy Birthday” Captions to herself over her glam Silver Frock before attending the American Beauty Awards. It looks like she just keeps on winning and never ages, it’s enough to make you nauseous!

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Chemelle Rice