People Going Missing, Body Parts Whats really going on?

Please be aware and travel safely at all times.

Through years of studying and investigative work in the line of journalism ive come across alot of baffling stories where people have been found with body parts missing dead and alive.

It is no secret now in the media that this seems to have been going on for quite some time. When some one goes to work but ends up without  body parts dumped on the side of a road there is cause for concern.  Please see videos below of just a couple of stories past and recent ive come across that i find truly distrubing to say the least.

Safety precautions when traveling around.

Please be aware and concious of surroundings and always let some one no where you going or where you at. Please be safe when traveling far distances make sure you have loose change and make sure you car tank is full or half full and just to be safe a small canister of petrol in the boot when traveling long distances for emergencies >>> Chief Editor Mark Rowe

More info here >>>>…/mystery-behind-georgia-man-body-found-organs-article-1….

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