Poetry4Grenfell Gold Heart Trellick Film Nomination!

Dear @Poetry4Grenfell colleagues and supporters,

We are blessed, thankful and very happy to tell you that our guerrilla short movie POETRY 4 GRENFELL has been nominated for a Golden Heart Trellick prize at this year’s Portobello Film Festival this Saturday and would cordially like to invite you to the screening. Voicing the Truth from the Heart of our Grove Come-unity!

There will be a Special Awards Presentation Ceremony at
Westbank, 3 – 5 Thorpe Close, London W10 5XL

5pm – 9pm on Saturday 16 September

Screenings of all the nominated films and the actual Awards being given at 8.30pm. We’d love to see you and your friends there.

Complimentary refreshments and Portobello Film Festival T Shirts will be on offer while stocks last.

The Winning Films will also be shown the following day on Portobello Road itself under the bridge between 6pm and 8pm.

What is @Poetry4Grenfell ?

I have been working on the Poetry4Grenfell compilation book for the past month, which includes voices from our community, quotes, poems, raps, eye-witness accounts, drawings, pictures etc. Voices of Truth from our Children, respected elders, humanitarians, activists and anyone that wants to voice an opinion or message that is otherwise manipulated or suppressed by the mainstream media.

I am a West London (Grove) raised Poetess and Freelance Youth Worker in Dance Theatre and Rap-Poetry for over 15 years, also the founder of the Non-profit ‘Kamitan Arts’ (KA) and Director of the “Poetry 4 Grenfell” short that stemmed off from the voluntary poetry workshops I have been running in my community for the past few months. Mostly all involved increating the Poetry4Grenfell short are children, young people and elders from our Ladbroke Grove and Latimer Rd community and those that have been effected by the tragic Grenfell fire three months ago.

A West London publishing company will be supporting the book project and all proceeds (once publishing costs are cut out) will go towards the survivors and families of those that have passed in this tragedy, and any surplus will go towards our longer poetical short film on the Grenfell fire by local adults and young people.

What is @KamitanArts ?

Kamitan Arts (KA) is a Positive and Creative Project-based, Non-Profit Group that promotes and creates Mixed-Cultural platforms to learn, develop and share artistic and cultural knowledge and “Overstanding”, through Love, Unity, Peace and Respect.

We provide workshops, shows / sharings and put on productions in Film, Dance, Music, Poetry, Theatre Projects, and Artist Representation and Development. From the disadvantaged, talented communities of Ladbroke Grove – West London through ‘Notting Hill’ to Sudan, Brazil, and *Kamit (Egypt). Our artistic and humanitarian presence has been in RBKC and specifically Ladbroke Grove for over 15 years as freelancers.

Please find some images attached above.

Any questions or for scheduling interviews , booking workshops or suggesting collaborations please mail us.

Th’ankh you,

Princess Emmanuelle


Kamitan Arts





Every voice and story should have the platform to be heard, recognised, shared, if the person wants to tell and share it…
We should be in control of our own narratives and not let the media shape it for us!
We don’t discriminate we Appreciate!

#GrenfellTowerFire #LocalVoices #WritingIsTherapeutic #TrueStories #TakingControlOfOurStories #OurVoicesNeedToBeHeard #OneLoveGrove
#DropTheEgoLetsUniteForThePeople #Justice4Grenfell #Green4Grenfell #GrenfellWallOfTruth #CommunityReliefDay


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