Poisoned ex-spy ‘improving rapidly’ after nerve-agent attack


Poisoned Russian spy Sergei Skripal is “improving rapidly,” his doctors announced Friday — prompting Russia’s UK embassy to tweet, “Good news!”

“He is responding well to treatment, improving rapidly and is no longer in a critical condition,” said Dr. Christine Blanshard, medical director at Salisbury District Hospital, according to the BBC.

His daughter, Yulia, who also fell sick in the nerve-agent attack, is on the mend as well, she added.

“As Yulia herself says, her strength is growing daily and she can look forward to the day when she is well enough to leave the hospital,” Blanshard said.

Sergei Skripal — who was jailed in Russia for selling secrets to the UK before being freed and sent to England in a 2010 prisoner swap — and his daughter have been in the hospital since March 4, when they suddenly collapsed on a park bench due to exposure to the deadly poison.

The UK government has pointed the finger at the Kremlin for the attack — igniting a diplomatic row between Moscow and Western nations that has seen Russian envoys expelled from more than 20 countries.

Following the announcement of the Skripals’ improving health, Russia’s embassy tweeted messages of support for the pair — and a broadside against the UK.

“We hope that the improvement of Sergei and Yulia Skripal’s health will contribute to the investigation of the crime perpetrated against them. We are confident that an objective probe will ultimately establish that the claims against Russia by UK Government are null and void,” the embassy wrote.


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