Potential serial killer targeting homeless people in Las Vegas


A “cowardly” madman is targeting homeless people in and around Las Vegas, killing two so far and seriously injuring two more over the last 10 days, officials say.

The gunman, who appears to be a white or Hispanic man standing about 6 feet tall, mostly stalks up to sleeping indigent men before blasting them with a pistol.

“To target homeless, (a) very vulnerable segment of our society, is cowardly,” police Capt. Robert Plummer said.

The spree began in Longdale 50 miles northeast of Sin City just after midnight on Jan. 29, when the killer opened fire on a man standing outside a convenience store, striking the victim once. The target — the only one who was not homeless — suffered non-life-threatening wounds.

Hours later, at 3 a.m., the killer opened fire on a group of homeless men sleeping outside a Longdale mall, killing 51-year-old Brian Clegg.

Around 7 a.m., he shot another homeless man in the face — this time near downtown Las Vegas. That man survived but was not able to provide details about his attacker.

The final attack came days later on Feb. 2, when the shooter unloaded on 64-year-old James Lewis as he slept under a Vegas bridge about 2 ½ miles from the third shooting.

Surveillance video shows the killer stalk within feet of sleeping Lewis before pouncing on him, firing two shots at point blank range, and sprinting off.

“He doesn’t deserve to have freedom. I am praying that he is caught,” Lewis’s daughter Oneida Lewis Baker told ABC News of the killer. “I am praying that he doesn’t kill anybody else or even injure anybody else. I don’t want anyone to go through what I am going through.”

The man is not technically considered a serial killer because the attacks happened back-to-back, and the FBI’s definition requires about a month in between slayings. The agency characterizes murders that happen at separate locations within hours or days from one another as spree killings.

Plummer disagrees.

“After killing two people and shooting two others, if he isn’t (a serial killer), he’s on his way to being one,” he said.

The suspect drives a Hyundai Tucson Sport or Limited that is either gray of light blue, and he used the same gun in all four shootings, investigators said.

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