POTUS Hilariously Brushes Up on His Job Interviewing Skills

As President Obama’s days in the White House dwindle away, many wonder what he will do next. For the last eight years, he has been the most powerful man in the country. Thus, it’s safe to assume that it’s been a minute since Obama has needed to use a resume for anything.

During last night’s episode of The Late Show, host Stephen Colbert graciously offered to help out the POTUS with his interviewing skills.

Colbert morphed into “Randy,” the hiring manager of some unknown, generic company. He went over Obama’s resume and asked him some standard interview questions. The exchange between the two is nothing short of comedic brilliance.

At several points, the president even makes fun of some of his own accomplishments. He jokingly admits that he has no idea why he got a Nobel Peace Prize and that when he needs to fire people he calls up Seal Team 6.

Colbert also makes several funny jabs at Obama, including a particularly humorous moment when he asks where he was born.

The 10-minute long video not only provides a comical take on the end of Obama’s second term, but it also reminds the entire country — even those headstrong haters — that the president accomplished more than we can fathom over the course of eight years.

Check out the ridiculously funny skit below.