Product Placement in Music Videos

Youtube-videosThere are some great advantages for product placement in music videos if your brand is targeting a young demographic (14-24 year olds):

  • Very short lead times of 3-8 weeks
  • Captive and young audience
  • Easily defined demographics
  • Very high social media use in target group
  • Association and image transfer
  • Possible use of images / footage in marketing of brand
  • Competitions to encourage fans of an artist to get involved with a brand’s products (established artists)
  • Competition prizes of money-can’t-buy activities such as attending a recording session, meet & greet, being part of a music video as an extra
  • Interlinking of social media activities of brand and artist

There are possibilities for non-monetary promotions where the brand will help with the activation and marketing of the music video through its communication channels. This works well with artists who are on the brink of breaking through.

We can help supply this in demand service:


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