Are You Ready For Sunrise Yoga with Solé?

Hey, Hey Tribe!
I’m so happy to have Queen Solé at this year’s Detox Retreat! Our sunrise yoga session is imperative to open up the meridians and align the breath and body for the purpose of healing and balance. This sister truly embodies strength, beauty & vitality and will be sharing her secrets through movement with us.
I plan each retreat with the intention to help you take the next step in your wellness journey, healing your mind, body and spirit! Check out some photos and videos from last year’s retreats as you prepare to join me on March 16th!
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Try my blend of electric herbal teas!

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Thank you again, Tribe, for allowing me to be a guide along your wellness journey!
I look forward meeting you at my Detox Retreat on March 16th!
– Chef Ahki


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