Rent Stings Tuscan Estate with its own Lake for $200,000pm!

What more could you possibly want…. 9 Double en-suit Bedrooms? Your own Lake? A wine Cellar? A private and secluded Drive? Swimming Pools and a giant Chess board?

Did I mention, it has a LAKE. Yes, it’s very own Lake.

This type of luxury living doesn’t come cheap, as you would imagine. It will set you back a whooping $300,000 per month. Which is exactly what Sting will bank everytime you decide to rent his large estate.

The lavish abode has Plenty of outdoor space to relax and drink a nice glass of Vino.

Boasting two spectacular dining rooms, that’s if you are not spoilt for choice already. Let’s not forget the 900 acres you have to roll around in and the additional 5 guest houses that accommodate 30 extra people. Party weekend perhaps?

 (images: Tuscan Dream)

Chemelle Rice


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