Respect Her – Movie Trailer

Respect Her!! Is a movie based around Respecting the mothers of society, Its a powerful message!! I was welcomed to Bollywood- movie industry by Neha Bansal which is very exciting!!

See some of the cast below

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You're going to Love the latest on my social medias! It's a full tagged post with great humor and great people! See on my previous and recent posts!!This was in #Mumbai ! I wasi on my way to meet my amazing Bollywood Producer, Filmmaker, Director Neha Vijay Thakkar with the Talented @juniorcharlie6662 Junior Charlie ! Myself and @neha.bansal.589 Neha Vijay Thakkar previous worked together as she had offered me my first opportunity to work in a great role in Bollywood in her a short film Titled Respect Her! This was last year and it's doing well streaming on YouTube!You all can view it as you click on the link at the end of this announcement! I will never forget! Her and her crew are amazing 😍! Thanks so much once again Neha! God bless you always 🙏! This time as I saw Neha again she introduced me to some amazing people- Well known Actor Kishan Bhan and Journalist Virendra Mishra ! More to come on this! Thanks once again Neha! You totally Rock!! Haha ! Enjoy the short film and please, Support 💯 by subscribing, clicking thumbs up and sharing it with others to do all the same! Thanks 😊 #bollywoodmovie #shortfilm #awesometeam ! @ Mumbai, Maharashtra #india🇮🇳 #lovewhatido❤️lovelife😘 #MrGoldenGlobal2017 #MrGoldenGlobalKing2018 #topgospelartist✔of year 2019 #TopAmbassador #upwordsachieversaward2019 #twotimehollywoodwinner #Actor #Model #Musician #hesfaithful #Hesfaithfultour and more! #Bollywood2Hollywood #Hollywood2Bollywood

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