Rezella Ceo of mcdonald-bookkeeping, Making an impact for entrepreneurs.

Rezella Is a Mother & Grandmother Who began her career in 1990 as a Bookkeeper working in the construction industry. Although she has worked for landscapers, contractors, and in the retail sector, her vision has always been to assist and educate start up businesses, and business owners using her Accounting experience and background.

In 2003 she began contracting her services part time while maintaining a full-time job and raising a family. In 2008 she began working for two accounting firms simultaneously as an independent contractor. She performed Bookkeeping functions for multiple small business accounts while dealing directly with the business owners. Her duties included data entry, account reconciliations, payroll tax preparation and compliance, as well as sales tax preparation and compliance.

Rezella utilized her contacts working with CFO’s and CPA’s that would refer her to their small business clients and went on to start her own business.

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