Rubio fires chief of staff over ‘improper conduct’ claims


WASHINGTON – Sen. Marco Rubio fired his chief of staff this weekend over credible allegations of “improper conduct” with subordinates.

“This evening, I traveled from Florida to Washington DC and terminated his employment effective immediately,” Rubio said in a statement late Saturday.

The Florida senator said he was made aware of the allegations against chief of staff Clint Reed “for the first time” on Friday afternoon. He launched an investigation along with his general counsel and found “sufficient evidence” that Reed “violated office policies regarding proper relations between a supervisor and their subordinates.”

Reed had been Rubio’s chief of staff for the last year and previously served as Rubio’s campaign manager for his Senate re-election in 2016. The Arkansas native was formerly the executive director of the Arkansas GOP before joining the Republican National Committee in 2007 as political director, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Rubio didn’t name Reed in his statement but said his chief of staff’s improper relations with subordinates led to “threats to withhold employment benefits.” Rubio said the victims now have access to all their entitled employment services.

“We will be formally notifying the appropriate Congressional and Senate administrative offices of this matter when they return to work Monday morning,” Rubio said.


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