We havent had much clarification at soul central magazine about how where an what,
But this was the latest we heard in the sad passing of the Truly Inspirational Elder DR SEBI.


3:45pm August 6,2016 – During the past several hours multiple reports state that Dr Sebi, also known as Alfredo Bowman has sadly Passed away.
Born on November 26, 1933 in Llanga which is located in the Honduras has transitioned.

I’m still waiting on reputable confirmation on the death of Dr Sebi.. Because I see a few people deliberately putting out misinformation.

9:30pm August 6, 2016 – It has been confirmed by Dr. Sebi’s daughter Saama Bowman that he has indeed passed on to the next stage of his life.

Peace and Blessings Dr. Sebi and thank you for the knowledge you were a vehicle for.

I will update this information when the family releases more information about Dr. Sebi’s passing.

Rest in peace and thank you for being a vessel of healing for many.

-Maurice Milles Mansa