ScottyAtl- One of Atlanta Georgia’s talented rappers

SCOTTY ATL-SHOW YA GRILL TOUR 2022- 2023 Rezconnect Entertainment/ Family of Indians

ScottyAtl- One of Atlanta, Georgia’s talented rappers. Walter Scott Williams, known professionally as Scotty ATL, is a songwriter, record producer, and entrepreneur. He’s been in the rap game since 2010. Releasing these bang’in hits- “LA Care ” and “Nomo Heaux ” Featuring  Yung Dro, last year.

While developing an Atlanta-based Grillz by Scotty – business. On August 19, 2022, ScottyAtl released his project “Candler Rd to Melrose”. My personal favourite track on the album is “Hollywood from the Hood”. Candler Rd to Melrose, features mega-producer credits from Zaytoven, Dj burn one, Tasha catour, Dj Tune. Featuring artists Big Crit, Currency, G perico, Sleepy Brown, Yung Dro and Ace hood.

Clarity- A track produced by Dj Burn One & Cardo- featuring Ebony Love. Starts out with a saying from ScottyAtl’s friend out of “ARIZONA”. Saying -“A man with time has no money. But, a man with money has no time”. Complimenting with an old school, down south guitar, style beat. Then with, “In my own lane” featuring Ace Hood and Diesel. These were a few favourites of mine. ~ “With all the touring ScottyAtl is doing, he is most definitely- Under Pressure- Good Pressure..!!!~ Rezconnect Entertainment

“SHOW YA GRILL”- A track featuring Paul wall and Ugk’s-  Pimp C. A track delivering that old-school, down south, Texas-style beat. Paul Wall and Pimp C, are two of the down south Texas pioneers of Houston, Texas’s rap movement. Along with CoryMo- MAD Studio Atlanta, Ga. Putting the icing on the cake.

Erricka Mystorie , (ScottyAtl’s tour manager), of IlovemyPlug Dj”s. A Dj’ company that was started by her brothers Dj Kutt Throat and Plug of Atlanta, Ga. Erricka,

ScottyAtl- “SHOW YOUR GRILL TOUR 2022- 2023”- The show your grill tour, in 2022. Hit Denver, LA, Houston, Memphis and Birmingham. Hit the link tree website for the “Show ya Grill” tour dates information- to SXSW- Win an OPPORTUNITY to open for BUN B).


“I’m here to win, I am going to be around forever. Follow me in real life”. ~ Scotty ATL

Life is filled with so many paths- reach for the stars. Be consistent with whatever comes your way. Tell yourself positive self-talk. Give your best in life – that’s the key.

“Life is like a river, rough in some places- but always forward”


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