Soul Central Awards 2019 Red Carpet | Vegas Live with Ninon

Ninon de Vere De Rosa from “Vegas Live with Ninon” on the Red Carpet interviewing the annual Soul Central Awards: Soul Central Awards is an annual awards event brought to you by Mark Rowe founder of Soul Central Magazine, Soul Central Magazine Media Network and Affiliates to celebrate entrepreneurial achievements and performances in music, movies, some of the fine arts (television, radio, literature, web series and more), and award inspirational people and charities. This Soul Central Awards 2019 red carpet will include nominees and guests such as Tamara Hunter, Shonta Gibson (Queen G), Blanca Samperio, Anthony Meeks, Shay Marie, Kemal Mailey, Naps King, Mac Nova, DJ Kool Boy, SteelStrong Productions, Jamaar A Milton, Cheryl Jacobs, Tony Taylor, Rebecca da Costa, Gwen Allen, Chris Newhart, Geraldine Hughes, Renee L. Owens, Demond VercTile Walker, Rone Da StreePoet, Promise Marks, J Woo, Ashley Crossley, Corey Crossley, Hollywood Angel, Elle Mansfield, Keith Kramer, Jeffery Thompkins Bsa Mba, Cory D & Tracy, T. Pablo, and Floyd Mayweather‘s mother, Deborah Sinclair.

Soul Central Awards 2020 (Coming Soon)
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