Soul Central Awards Head of Skin Care & Make-up Artistry

(951) 907-8088 Instagram- YouthfulSecretbySarahLLC.

CEO Sarah Dryer

Head of Skin Care& Make-up Artistry
Specializing in Dermatology and Make-Up Artistry

With over 11 years of back office dermatology and Make-up artistry CEO Sarah Dryer has a plethora of skills.
⦁ Holistic Facial’s
⦁ Acne-prone skin types
⦁ Make-up Artist
⦁ Aging Skin
⦁ All-Natural Facials
⦁ Extractions
⦁ 5 Step Body Care Line Owner

CEO Sarah N. Dryer
11 years of Experince in Dermatology

Skin Care Expert & Make-up Artist

(951) 907-8088
Instagram- YouthfulSecretbySarahLLC.


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