Soul Central Awards International Showcase / Gala Awards Show May 2020

For inspirational and motivational people from a variety of arts and cultural backgrounds.


Soul Central Awards (SCA) is a volunteer-run and operated Independent International Awards Showcase which celebrates diversity in local and international  communities.

Our mission is to recognize and award inspirational and motivational people from a variety of arts and cultures, to  promote learning and artistic expression for people at all stages of  their careers, create opportunity to perform in front of a audience and to network with people across the globe to forward their careers.

Our annual Awards offers something for everyone,  highlighting the dynamic range of talent  the independent global community has to offer.  As seen citated on ABC, NBC, fox news and more.

Our Dilemma

Running a  Awards is not easy!  SCA has no paid staff — this is a labor of  love for us. Over the past three year, our small team of volunteers  has worked tirelessly to support our  demographics and we have learned to wear many different hats. We have become event planners, writers,  promoters, film critics, social media experts, actors, graphic  designers, and now fundraisers.

Well into our second year, we have  reached the dilemma budding non-profit organizations often do:  we have  debts still piled up from years 1 and not enough sponsors to make  year 2 all that it can be. If the SCA team does not raise enough sponsors and support , the 2020 Soul Central Awards International Showcase simply  will not happen the way planned, Many of our would-be submissions may never be seen  by our global audience.

Your support and sponsorship will ensure  that independent creators, art, and free-form community contributors have an enduring presence . Help us save our International Awards Showcase


Risks and challenges

Risks and challenges The SCA team will have huge “to do” list after this project gets funded in order to put together our second annual festival. We’ve learned a lot over the past year and gathered some great experience from our first awards and feel that, at this point, we are ready to handle anything that comes our way. Just like making any other big event, an Award Show never has enough time or enough funding or enough hands, And we are always bugging our friends to spread the word and for help. We care deeply about our project and believe in our awardees and nominees. Therefore we know that by combining dedication, careful organization, and minimal sleep, we can overcome just about any challenge thrown our way! Our biggest challenge will always be gathering the funds needed to put on the celebration our recipients deserve. We know that your support will give us the support that we need to get the ball rolling in the right direction!

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