Soul Central Magazine: What you can expect when working with us.


To bring everyday stories to light, to tell their untold stories of everyday people, and to feature Celebs and Indies from music, fashion, chefs, clothing lines, actors and so on.


This Magazine covers Community Issues, Music, Fashion, Food, TV-Movies, sports Entertainment, History Section,, Indie Artist Spotlight, A&R Search, Church,

Just about everything under the sun. All ages Magazine

We currently are in Print ,on IPad and all Android Apps
We have a rough monthly readership of just over 423,000 plus per month.

Our demographics are very vast globally.
From Japan,Jamaica,US,Canada,New Zealand,Philipines,Dubai,Mexico and growing

please see our latest demographics info board here >>> click here <<<

Let us do the work for you, and introduce you to our global network

Magazine network campaign info:

1) 1 magazine feature/interview
2) 1 video interview
3) upload your latest videos to our websites
4) and get a few weeks of promotion to help boost your release
5) submit 1 mp3 for airplay, if the music is hot and radio edited, may get on our dj playlist on Go Global Radio.

6) Music Video`s added to our SOUL CENTRAL TV APP

Go to this link for info on Our Rates: CLICK HERE



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