Stormy Daniels launches fundraising campaign to pay legal bills in Trump battle


Stormy Daniels on Wednesday launched an online fundraising campaign to pay legal bills in her battle to void a nondisclosure agreement she signed that paid her $130,000 to clam up about her alleged fling with Donald Trump.

“I am attempting to speak honestly and openly to the American people about my relationship with now President Donald Trump, as well as the intimidation and tactics that he, together with his attorney Michael Cohen, have used to silence me,” she wrote on a page she created on

“In order to tell my story, I have had to file a public lawsuit in Los Angeles, California in an effort to void a non-disclosure agreement that Mr. Trump never signed and yet is trying to use to intimidate me.”

In addition to the lawsuit, Daniel’s high-powered lawyer, Michael Avenatti, offered Trump and Cohen a deal on Monday, saying she would return the $130,000 if they nullified the agreement.

“I recently made an offer to return the $130,000 I was previously paid if it was agreed that I could simply tell the truth publicly. Mr. Trump and Mr. Cohen did not even bother to respond,” she wrote before thanking people for their support.

She had raised $2,225 as of 12:30 p.m.

Daniels has been interviewed by CBS’ “60 minutes,” which has not set a date for the segment to run.

Daniels, the star of “Happy Endings,” “Dirty Minds” and about 150 other porn flicks, alleged that she and Trump had an affair beginning in 2006 — when the president’s third wife Melania was home caring for their infant son Barron.

Trump through his spokeswoman has denied the affair, though the president himself has not publicly commented.

He has also been sounding out pals about how to handle the tawdry allegation.

Trump’s advisers have reportedly told him not to fight Daniels’ decision to break a confidentiality agreement because it would make him look guilty and that that’s the reason he hadn’t slammed her in public or on Twitter.


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