Story of the Passionate Indian Author ,Sanjeev Bansal.

Sanjeev Bansal has been hailed as the flavor of influence, highly imaginative
Bard who gives breath to the thoughts.

Born in India, he has been sensational with the genre of Classical Literature.He has a deep sense of love, romance shades of a voyager for mountains, hills & mother earth.

Known for achieving excellence Sanjeev today is considered as one of the most Passionate authors of India, who is on a mission to share a great story to the world, and make communities fall in love with themselves.
When interacting with Sanjeev we asked for him to share his thoughts on Nature,

He mentioned “the nature that God has given us in the shape of beautiful
mountains and adorable seasons are priceless , Their destruction gives
immense pain & I call this destruction as ‘The Rape of Forests.

Lets come together and contribute back effectively to protect Mother Nature as our existence is only because of its presence”.
A Reader from UK reviewed Sanjeev’s book unique in its own way because The ocean of Wordsworthian lyrics, the notion of Frosty Romance and the blending of deepness of poetic diction calligraphy makes the book ‘An Ode to Shimla’ different from other books.
The book is globally available via Amazon, Flipkart and other online Global Channels.

You can know more about the Author by Visiting his Facebook page Sanjeev Bansal.