Suicide Prevention: Alex Boye’ Music Video Shoot for Bend Not Break A Suicide Prevention Music Video.

Alex Boye’ Music Video Shoot for Bend Not Break A Suicide Prevention Music Video.

Date: August 23, 2018
Location: Blackridge Reservoir Herriman Utah
Event: Alex Boye’ Music Video Shoot for Bend Not Break A Suicide Prevention Music Video. CLICK HERE
I was so Happy to Personally be Invited by Alex Boye’ and Asked for our Production Company to be involved in helping get the word out for Extras!
One of the Best Days and Nights Of My Life, Seriously woke up to one of my worst nightmares come true that day, I too comptimplated the possibility of committing Suicide…
Being Around All Those Survivors and Advocates didn’t help me forget my problems but better…to learn to Push Through Them… This is a Very Serious Issue and Affects Any Race, Creed, Religion, or Age.
There was five different Organizations that Showed Up to Represent and Show Support, Stay Kind Golden State Club, LGBT Community, a children’s choir, high school band and and even an orchestra were part of the shoot for the song with uplifting lyrics.
Hundreds of people gathered in Herriman to be a part of a music video with a message that hits close to home. The Song Name “Bend Not Break” by Alex Boye’ has a message of hope to anyone going through Suicidal Thoughts. The Video will be released in September.

I also had the Chance To Meet and Chat with Ginna Roe as she reported on the event early at 5 PM and All I can say is I greatly Appreciate Her Coming and Reporting from CBS 2 New KUTV on Supporting Suicide Prevention! Also on Scene was John Franchi from Fox 13 News who covered the story in the evening time. The Music Video Shoot was from 5pm till 9pm.

I got to not only be in the Music Video, Help Get Extras, and also Report but was the only Journalist to Get a Exclusive Interview with Alex Boye’ for Gorrilla Mafia Entertainement US and International Productions and Soul Central Magazine! The Music Video is being Produced by Randy Jackson (American Idol) and will be Released September 7, 2018. Alex Boye’ himself said, “The Most Important Song In My Career To Date!”

I just want to say from the Bottom of My Heart Thank You To Alex Boye’ and his team for making Music With a Meaning!
Written By: Christopher Newhart
Photo Credit: Christopher Newhart Photography
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