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Israel intercepts aid boat bound for besieged Gaza Strip

Vessel carrying some 23 people is redirected to the Israeli port of Ashdod, a week after setting off from Italy. Source link

Argentina peso crisis: Move to seek IMF aid criticized

The Argentine peso has fallen to a record low against the US dollar, as the central bank changed its strategy to protect the...

UNSC: 13 million people need humanitarian aid in DR Congo

Citing ongoing political turmoil, malnutrition, and a cholera outbreak, UN says millions need aid in the DRC. Source link

Oxfam deputy resigns over aid mission sex scandals

UK charity's second-in-command steps down as handling of prostitute scandals threatens crucial government funding. Source link

Donald Trump threatens cutting off aid to Palestinians

Trump, whose move to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital prompted global condemnation, suggests cutting aid to PA. Source link