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23,000 flee unrest-hit Nicaragua to seek asylum in Costa Rica

UN's refugee agency says 200 asylum applications are being lodged daily by Nicaraguans in neighbouring Costa Rica. Source link

Congo asylum seeker in US separated from child for months: ACLU

US immigration agencies have kept a Congolese asylum seeker from her daughter for nearly four months, a lawsuit alleges. Source link

Inside Kofinou asylum centre, a life of grim uncertainty

Hundreds of asylum seekers from Middle East and Africa are hosted in a remote Cypriot centre where conditions are bleak. Source link

Canada deports North Korean asylum seekers

Nearly 2,000 have been sent away since 2013 because the government says they lied on asylum application forms. Source link

Greece moves to cancel Turkish soldier's asylum

A Turkish officer who fled Turkey after a failed 2016 coup has been granted asylum in Greece, despite extradition calls. Source link