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'Never again': Zarif calls US group coup attempt bound to fail

On anniversary of US-led 1953 putsch, foreign minister says Washington 'action group' won't topple government in Tehran. Source link

Trump calls ex-White House aide 'wacky' and a 'lowlife'

US president's comments on Omarosa Manigault Newman come in response to the former aide's tell-all book. Source link

Pashinyan calls off mass protests as path to candidacy clears

Armenia's ruling Republican Party has announced it will support whichever candidate gets nominated by one-third of MPs. Source link

Armenia transition talks cancelled, opposition calls for protests

Opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan blames cancellation of talks on the ruling party, accusing it of clinging to power. Source link

Palestine calls for UN probe into Israeli killings in Gaza

Palestine's UN ambassador calls for fact-finding mission after Israel killed 39 protesters in Gaza since March 30. Source link

Staffan de Mistura calls for de-escalation on Syria

Special envoy issues appeal during visit to Moscow as inspectors wait for access to suspected gas attack site in Syria. Source link

RSF lauds Al Jazeera, decries 'foreign agent' calls

Press-freedom advocacy group deplores calls by US politicians for Doha-based media network to register as foreign agent. Source link

Qatar FM calls for an end to the Saudi-led blockade

UNHCR must act against blockading countries and compensate victims, says Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani. Source link

Abbas calls for international peace conference at UNSC

Palestinian Authority president calls for 'multilateral mechanism' during his speech at United Nations Security Council. Source link

Likud calls for annexation of parts of West Bank

Israel's governing party backs draft resolution urging its leaders to formally annex parts of the occupied West Bank. Source link