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UN likens Venezuelan refugee crisis to situation in Mediterranean

Almost 1.6 million Venezuelans have fled the country since 2015 due to the economic situation. Source link

Saudi Arabia to host meeting over Jordan economic crisis

The summit, which will be held in Mecca, will be attended by Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. Source link

Declining levels in Iraq's Tigris raise fear of water crisis

Iraqis point fingers at government over water shortages as Turkey decides to delay filling Ilisu Dam on Tigris River. Source link

GCC crisis at deadlock one year on

As Qatar maintains 'no legitimate justification' for Saudi-led blockade, GCC turmoil remains unresolved one year later. Source link

Argentina peso crisis: Move to seek IMF aid criticized

The Argentine peso has fallen to a record low against the US dollar, as the central bank changed its strategy to protect the...

UK ambassador demands 'proper investigation' into Rohingya crisis

Britain's ambassador to the UN calls for a 'proper investigation' into alleged crimes against Rohingya in Myanmar. Source link

Kuwait: Not resolving GCC crisis is destructive to region

Kuwaiti Deputy FM Khaled al-Jarallah says the crisis 'will destroy the hopes and dreams' of the GCC if left unresolved. Source link

Qatar-Gulf crisis: All the latest updates

Today is the 288th day of blockade. Source link

Jordan's economic crisis threatens political stability

Anger simmers after the government hiked taxes between 50-100 percent on key food staples such as bread. Source link

Maldives declares state of emergency as crisis deepens

A 15-day state of emergency announced by president after opposition MPs attempted to impeach government officials. Source link