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Iraq: Deadly Basra protests spread to other cities

Demonstrations erupt in Diyala and Nasiriyah following days of clashes in Basra that left at least seven people dead. Source link

France: Suspect 'killed' after deadly knife attack in Paris

Officials in French capital say person who carried out knife attack was overpowered by police. Source link

Deadly blast rocks Kabul, Taliban claims responsibility

At least 95 killed and 158 injured as Taliban attack hits Afghan capital, with explosives hidden in an ambulance. Source link

Egypt's Coptic Christians targeted in deadly attacks

Church in Helwan City south of Cairo and bookstore struck in separate incidents in latest attack to target the minority. Source link

Deadly flooding and landslides hit the Philippines

Tropical Storm Tembin slams southern island of Mindanao, leaving behind a trail of destruction and death. Source link

One last push to end South Sudan's deadly civil war

Renewed negotiations, guided by the people of South Sudan, can bring genuine and long-lasting peace to the country. Source link

Protests against Trump's Jerusalem decision turn deadly

At least two Palestinians killed, 200 injured in protests against US decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital Source link