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South Sudan rivals sign new power-sharing deal

The preliminary power-sharing deal will be followed by a final one on August 5 to end the country's civil war. Source link

Iran protesters chant anti-US slogans after nuclear deal pull out

Demonstrators take aim at Donald Trump's decision as Iranian FM plans tour to negotiate with pact's other signatories. Source link

What are the ramifications of US exiting Iran nuclear deal?

US President Donald Trump pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal but Europe and others say they're staying. Source link

Understanding the Iran deal: What, why and what's coming next

US President Trump has withdrawn from the Iran nuclear deal and is set to renew sanctions, but what does this mean? Source link

Donald Trump declares US withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal

Last-ditch efforts by European allies fail to persuade US president to not pull out from landmark 2015 agreement. Source link

Oil price crosses $70, amid Iran deal tensions

Oil prices rose as investors saw increasing possibility that the US could withdraw from the historic Iran nuclear deal. Source link

Qatar signs $3.7bn deal to buy military helicopters

Qatar to buy 28 military helicopters from Italian defence contractor Leonardo to 'enhance capability' of air force. Source link

Libya back local coach as a deal for Hany Ramzy falls through

The Libya Football Federation gives its backing to local coach Omar Al-Maryami as national team boss after a deal for former Egypt international...

Tillerson contradicts Trump on Iran nuclear deal

Tillerson and EU representative discuss 'joint efforts' to 'hold Iran fully compliant' with terms of the nuclear deal. Source link

Iran: Chabahar Port promise and nuclear deal threat

New Iranian port eases India trade into Afghanistan and benefits the economy as US nuclear-deal opposition looms large. Source link
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