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Egypt: Former diplomat detained after call for referendum on Sisi

Maasoum Marzouk also proposed release of all political prisoners and protests at Tahrir Square if demands weren't met. Source link

Egypt arrests 13 on anniversary of 2013 'Rabaa massacre'

Alleged Muslim Brotherhood members arrested including some who had been sentenced in absentia to 10 to 15 years in jail. Source link

Egypt launches military operation in Sinai, Nile Delta

Police and army begin fight against 'terrorist' elements in Sinai Peninsula, parts of the Delta and Western Desert. Source link

Egypt presidential hopeful halts campaign after arrest

Sami Anan has suspended his campaign for president of Egypt only hours after he was arrested by the army. Source link

Egypt hosts 'told to convince viewers' over Jerusalem

New York Times says tapes it obtained reveal how intel official told hosts to persuade Egyptians to accept Trump's move. Source link

Mohamed Salah: Liverpool and Egypt forward named African Player of the Year

Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah wins the Confederation of African Football Player of the Year award. Source link