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EU leaders seek migration solutions as rescue ships left adrift

Germany and France push for new solutions as bickering among EU leaders leaves boats carrying refugees adrift at sea. Source link

EU prepares to hit Venezuela with new sanctions

Bloc agrees to 'swiftly' adopt new sanctions against Venezuelan officials following vote which 'lacked credibility' Source link

Facebook's Zuckerberg grilled by EU Parliament over data scandal

Social network's boss will meet the EU and explain how the data of users ended up in the hands of a consultancy. Source link...

Italy's election should be a wake up call for the EU

The EU can turn the victory of the populist Five Star Movement into an opportunity for dialogue and transformation. Source link

Theresa May sets out vision on trade with EU post-Brexit

The British prime minister said that some policies would look similar to EU rules, while others would shift away, but she has rejected...

Erdogan: Turkey 'tired' of EU membership process

Turkish president is welcomed by his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, in Paris. Source link

EU plans to restrict export of 'dual-use' spy tech

Changes will increase transparency around the export of technologies used for both civil and military purposes. Source link