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Iran's Evin prison, Ansar-e Hezbollah face new US sanctions

Two entities, six individuals and a technology group accused of acting on behalf of the government to silence dissent. Source link

Honduran journalists face increasing threats and intimidation

Honduras is the most dangerous country in the Americas for journalists and they say things are getting worse. Source link

Jammu policemen face charges over Asifa's rape, killing

Court filing by police lays bare circumstances of eight-year-old Muslim girl's death in mainly Hindu district of Kathua. Source link

Colombia's ex-FARC rebels face first electoral test

FARC participates in first electoral contest since it transformed itself into a political party following the 2016 peace deal. Source link

Sioux leader: Trump is the new face of US exploitation

Former chairman of Standing Rock Sioux tribe says the US has a '200-year policy of exploiting Native American people'. Source link