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Portland: What to expect from the far-right Patriot Prayer rally

Far-right marchers are set to flood Portland's streets on Saturday, and observers worry there could be violence. Source link

Far-right party faces hurdles in forming Slovenia parliament

Anti-migrant rhetoric means former prime minister Janez Jansa faces an uphill battle to find partners for a coalition. Source link

Canada: Monitor to track hate groups amid far-right rise

Researchers launch new organisation to track hate groups amid what they say is an increase in far-right sentiment. Source link

Far-right French politician Le Pen charged over grim ISIL photos

In 2015, Marine Le Pen sent out several tweets showing graphic images of deadly violence carried out by the armed group. Source link

Lukov March: Far-right supporters rally in Bulgaria

More than 1,000 people rally in central Sofia to pay tribute to ultra-nationalist leader Hristo Lukov, who died in 1943. Source link