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Putin: Powerful forces trying to sabotage US-Russia ties

The Russian president says relations between Moscow and Washington remain in "an extremely unsatisfactory state". Source link

Israeli forces kill three Palestinians, wound 955 at Gaza protest

Three Palestinian protesters killed and more than 950 wounded as Israeli forces again open fire at Gaza border. Source link

Khansaa Gaza: Mother mourns sons killed by Israeli forces

Nawal Abu Hajeela, 58, is known locally as Khansaa of Gaza after 7th century Arab poet who lost four sons in battle. Source link...

Assad government forces 'take entire' Eastern Ghouta

No comment from Assad's military yet but Russian official says last rebels pushed out of their former stronghold, Douma. Source link

Syria forces launch assault on rebel-held Douma

Dozens of people are reported dead as air raids pound opposition-controlled town in Eastern Ghouta. Source link

Israeli forces kill 7 Palestinians on Land Day

Hundreds of Palestinians were also wounded by Israeli forces as they marched in a major demonstration marking Land Day Source link

Syria forces close to gaining full control of Eastern Ghouta

Thousands of fighters and relatives depart for opposition-held areas after two out of three rebel groups surrender. Source link

A 'long march' by India's farmers forces government to act

About 40,000 farmers camp in Mumbai, country's financial hub, to demand land rights and support for the farming sector. Source link

'Syrian forces to back YPG' in fight against Turkey

A Kurdish YPG official claims regime forces will join Kurdish fighters in Afrin. Source link

Turkey 'summons top US diplomat' over Syria Kurd forces

Charge d'Affaires Philip Kosnett was summoned over Turkey's unhappiness with the US arming of Kurdish fighters in Syria. Source link