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Casualties as Saudi-led coalition air raids hit Yemen's Hodeidah

The strikes, which hit near the city's main public hospital, killed at least 20 and wounded dozens, medics said. Source link

EU prepares to hit Venezuela with new sanctions

Bloc agrees to 'swiftly' adopt new sanctions against Venezuelan officials following vote which 'lacked credibility' Source link

Pentagon: US-led strikes on Syria hit every target

Top US general says strikes on Syria dealt 'severe blow' to Bashar al-Assad's alleged chemical weapons programme. Source link

Deadly flooding and landslides hit the Philippines

Tropical Storm Tembin slams southern island of Mindanao, leaving behind a trail of destruction and death. Source link

Pakistan: Quetta church hit in suicide attack

Dozens also wounded after attackers target church packed with worshippers attending a Sunday midday service. Source link

Russian, Syrian jets hit Aleppo, Damascus countryside

Casualties reported from southern Aleppo and Damascus countryside amid fighting on the ground in Idlib. Source link