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Assam: Some 4 million left out of final India NRC draft list

Authorities say 28.9 million people out of total 32.9 million population included in final draft citizenship list. Source link

India same-sex relations: Will India decriminalise gay sex?

Top court hears challenge to British colonial era-law that punishes same-sex relationships with up to 10 years in jail. Source link

India preparing for 'cut in oil imports from Iran'

India prepares for a 'drastic reduction' of Iranian oil imports in a push by the US to cut trade ties, Reuters reports. Source link...

Scores dead as dust storm, heavy rain sweep through India

At least 36 people reported killed in the major city of Agra while at least 27 were reported dead in Rajasthan. Source link

India ends government subsidies for Hajj pilgrimage

Originally subsidies for Hajj helped poorer sections of the community go on the pilgrimage many could not afford. Source link

Hate crime in India: Muslim man hacked, burned to death

Activists say that lynching of Muslim Indians is a growing phenomenon in many parts of the country. Source link