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Iran releases messaging app Soroush to replace Telegram

As Soroush app is officially launched in Iran, Telegram users reported problems using the messaging platform. Source link

Oil price crosses $70, amid Iran deal tensions

Oil prices rose as investors saw increasing possibility that the US could withdraw from the historic Iran nuclear deal. Source link

Aseman Airlines plane crash kills 66 in central Iran

State-run Press TV reports 60 passengers and six crew were on board the Aseman flight from Tehran to Yasuj. Source link

Currency devaluation against US dollar rattles Iran

Central bank announces new monetary measures to halt drop of rial, as authorities crack down on black-market exchange. Source link

Trump waives Iran nuclear sanctions 'for last time'

US president says it's the 'last chance' for US and Europe to come up with agreement to strengthen 2015 nuclear deal. Source link

Anti-government rallies break out in Iran for fifth day

At least 15 people have been reportedly killed and hundreds arrested as protests show no sign of letting up. Source link

Tillerson contradicts Trump on Iran nuclear deal

Tillerson and EU representative discuss 'joint efforts' to 'hold Iran fully compliant' with terms of the nuclear deal. Source link

Iran: Chabahar Port promise and nuclear deal threat

New Iranian port eases India trade into Afghanistan and benefits the economy as US nuclear-deal opposition looms large. Source link