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Greece: Forest fires kill at least 50 near Athens

Forest fires erupt uncontrolled in several places around Greek capital, destroying homes and disrupting transport links. Source link

Gunmen kill veteran journalist in Kashmir

Shujaat Bukhari was killed outside his office along with his two bodyguards. Source link

Taliban kill Afghan district governor despite truce

Intense clashes reported between Afghan security forces and Taliban gunmen despite the start of a government ceasefire. Source link

Israeli forces kill three Palestinians, wound 955 at Gaza protest

Three Palestinian protesters killed and more than 950 wounded as Israeli forces again open fire at Gaza border. Source link

Israeli forces kill 7 Palestinians on Land Day

Hundreds of Palestinians were also wounded by Israeli forces as they marched in a major demonstration marking Land Day Source link

Israeli forces kill two Palestinians in Gaza protests

Soldiers opened fire on Palestinians protesting against US decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem. Source link