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Houthi political chief Saleh al-Sammad killed in Saudi air raids

Saleh al-Sammad, head of the Houthis' Supreme Political Council, killed in eastern province of Hudaida, rebels say. Source link

Khansaa Gaza: Mother mourns sons killed by Israeli forces

Nawal Abu Hajeela, 58, is known locally as Khansaa of Gaza after 7th century Arab poet who lost four sons in battle. Source link...

Four Indians killed in communal clashes at Hindu festival

West Bengal authorities ban public gatherings and shutdown internet after religious festival sparks communal violence. Source link

Palestinian farmer killed by Israeli strike in Gaza

The incident comes ahead of a major demonstration marking Land Day and the right of return of Palestinian refugees Source link

Dozens killed in US-Bangla Airlines crash in Kathmandu

At least 49 confirmed dead when plane from Dhaka crash-lands at Kathmandu's Tribhuvan International Airport. Source link

Eastern Ghouta bombardment: 674 Syria civilians killed in 13 days

The White Helmets group says 674 civilians killed in past 13 days as Syrian regime continues to pound rebel-held area. Source link

'Survive or die together': More than 400 killed in Eastern Ghouta

Syrian government aerial offensive on rebel-held enclave that began on Sunday has killed at least 403 people. Source link

Two Palestinian teenagers killed by Israeli troops

Soldiers open fire on stone-throwing demonstrators in Gaza and the West Bank, killing two teens and wounding others. Source link

Palestinian double amputee killed by Israeli sniper

Ibrahim Abu Thurayyah, who lost both his legs in a 2008 Israeli air raid, was killed on Friday during a protest in Gaza. Source...

Palestinians killed in protests against Jerusalem move

Demonstrations against US recognition of Jerusalem turn deadly as Israeli troops open fire in Gaza and West Bank. Source link