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How Islamophobia is driving anti-refugee sentiment in Korea

The arrival of 550-plus Yemeni asylum seekers on South Korea's Jeju island has sparked protests in Seoul and online. Source link

US accuses North Korea of illegally smuggling oil products

Washington claims Pyongyang violated restrictions and asks UN to halt all deliveries of oil products to North Korea. Source link

Russia attempts to regain clout over North Korea

Unlike the West, Russia does not want the Kim Jong-un regime to collapse - or change at all. Source link

Pompeo: 'Bad deal' with North Korea 'not an option' for US

Secretary of state says US has no intention of making concessions to North Korea amid reports of differences. Source link

North Korea frees US prisoners before Trump-Kim summit

US secretary of state secures release of US detainees after meetings with North Korean officials in Pyongyang. Source link

Donald Trump: Time and place set for North Korea meeting

Plans for summit follow months of angry exchanges over testing of North Korean atomic weapons and long-range missiles. Source link

China's foreign minister heads to North Korea for talks

A possible visit by China's Xi to Pyongyang and the recent Koreas summit to dominate discussion of Wang's two-day visit. Source link

Is North Korea changing its priorities?

Pyongyang pledges to close its nuclear test site and Kim Jong-un says the world can watch it being dismantled. Source link

Collapse of North Korea nuclear site threatens fallout: report

Researcher tells Hong Kong-based daily collapse of Mount Mantap site may be reason for the North's suspension of tests. Source link

Did North Korea really commit to denuclearisation?

Many celebrated a recent resolution issued by Pyongyang as a sign that it will denuclearise. Here is why they are wrong. Source link
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