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Exclusive report from N Korea capital on 'self-reliance' governing

North Korea's governing ideology is called 'Juche', which is directly translated as self-reliance. Al Jazeera's James Bays has been given rare access to...

North Korea suspends nuclear and missile tests

Leader Kim Jong-un also announces the shutting down of nuclear test site, ahead of next week's inter-Korean talks. Source link

Has N Korea won vital China support before the Trump summit?

Kim Jong-un visits China for his first overseas trip as North Korea's leader. Source link

South Korea's Moon: Three-way summit with N Korea, US possible

South Korean President Moon says summit with North Korea, South Korea and US should focus on nuclear disarmament. Source link

Trump announces 'heaviest ever' North Korea sanctions

Latest US sanctions on North Korea are the 'heaviest ever', President Donald Trump says. Source link

UN imposes new sanctions on North Korea

Security Council adopts new measures, including ban on nearly 90 percent of refined petroleum exports to North Korea. Source link

Are US and North Korea on the verge of nuclear war?

Yet more calls for sanctions and isolation following the latest ballistic missile test by North Korea. Source link
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