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Palm oil threatens indigenous life in Malaysia

Growing demand for palm oil is depleting forests as the Orang Asli tribe fights for its rights. Source link

Women of Syria's Eastern Ghouta tell of life under siege

Women of Eastern Ghouta, the current battleground in Syria's war, convey their messages on International Women's Day. Source link

Inside Kofinou asylum centre, a life of grim uncertainty

Hundreds of asylum seekers from Middle East and Africa are hosted in a remote Cypriot centre where conditions are bleak. Source link

12 ISIL widows sentenced to death, life by Iraqi court

A dozen foreign women who joined ISIL husbands while fighting in Iraq sentenced by a court in Baghdad. Source link

Finsbury Park attacker Darren Osborne jailed for life

One person was killed and several others wounded when Osborne drove a vehicle into a group of people outside a mosque. Source link

Ibrahim Halawa on life in Egyptian prisons and freedom

Ibrahim Halawa adjusts to freedom, four years after being jailed in Egypt as a teenager, faced with trauma and racism. Source link