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Soldiers killed in al-Shabab military base attack near Mogadishu

A suicide car bomb explodes near the gate of a military base in Afgoye ahead of president's visit to the town. Source link

Trump tells NATO allies to up military spending to 4 percent

Ahead of the summit, the US president criticised the lack of burden-sharing by NATO member states. Source link

'Egyptian society being crushed' five years after military coup

Egypt faces abuses to a degree unseen in the Mubarak years since 2013 coup, analysts say. Source link

What is behind UAE's military build-up in Socotra?

The flag of the United Arab Emirates has been raised over public buildings on Yemen's pristine Socotra island. Source link

Algeria military plane crashes near Boufarik airport: reports

Army plane crashed shortly after taking off from Boufarik airbase, with dozens on board, local media reports. Source link

Mattis 'not ruling out' Syria military action after Douma attack

US defence secretary's comments come after scores of people were killed in a chemical attack on rebel-held town. Source link

US Senate to vote on military involvement in Yemen war

Pentagon has provided 'non-combat support' to Saudi Arabia, including intelligence sharing and air-refueling missions. Source link

Qatar signs $3.7bn deal to buy military helicopters

Qatar to buy 28 military helicopters from Italian defence contractor Leonardo to 'enhance capability' of air force. Source link

Egypt launches military operation in Sinai, Nile Delta

Police and army begin fight against 'terrorist' elements in Sinai Peninsula, parts of the Delta and Western Desert. Source link

Fears over US-Turkey military confrontation in Syria

With US forces on the ground, Turkey's threat to attack Kurdish YPG militia in Syria's Manbij raises the stakes. Source link