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Argentina peso crisis: Move to seek IMF aid criticized

The Argentine peso has fallen to a record low against the US dollar, as the central bank changed its strategy to protect the...

For Palestinians, US embassy move cements occupation status quo

Controversial relocation won't change 'Palestinians' will', Jerusalem residents say, amid call for large-scale protests. Source link

Russia expels 23 UK diplomats in retaliatory move in spy row

Russia hits back with tit-for-tat expulsion after UK dismisses Russian diplomats over poisoning of Russian former spy. Source link

US Jerusalem move is 'official adoption of Israeli narrative'

Arab Knesset member Ahmad Tibi joins Palestinians in UK to condemn US stance after embassy relocation brought forward. Source link

Pro-government fighters move into Syria's Afrin

Convoy of 20 vehicles and dozens of fighters enters the besieged Kurdish-held region amid Turkey's offensive. Source link

UN General Assembly rejects Trump's Jerusalem move

General Assembly resoundingly passes draft resolution rejecting US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Source link

Palestinians killed in protests against Jerusalem move

Demonstrations against US recognition of Jerusalem turn deadly as Israeli troops open fire in Gaza and West Bank. Source link

Protests held across world against US Jerusalem move

Rallies grip Palestinian territories and spread as far as Tokyo over US move to recognise Jerusalem as Israeli capital. Source link

Trump's Jerusalem move: All the latest updates

Here are the latest developments since Donald Trump's decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Source link

Putin, Erdogan warn US move risks escalating tensions

Russian leader ends whirlwind regional tour in Turkey, criticising Trump's decision to call Jerusalem Israel's capital. Source link